Seed Potatoes 2016/17

Seed Potatoes 2016/17 list (pdf): Seed Potatoes 2016/17

Variety NameBag SizePriceInformation
ARRAN PILOT2.5KG£4.40Firm early scraper. Fine flavour and colour. High resistance to scab.
CASABLANCA2.5KG£4.40White round general purpose early. Good cropper, recent introduction.
DUKE OF YORK2.5KG£4.20Legendary flavour as firm early scraper. Matures to be slightly floury. Fairly high resistance to scab.
FOREMOST2.5KG£4.20AKA “Suttons Foremost”. Good flavour early scraper. Fairly high resistance to scab and moderate to blight.
HOME GUARD2.5KG£4.20General-purpose early potato, best for scraping early in the season. Fairly high resistance to scab.
LADY CHRISTL2.5KG£4.60Smooth, creamy, waxy tubers suitable for variety of uses. Resistant to scab, eelworm and blight.
MARIS BARD2.5KG£4.40Firm, good flavour early scraper. Matures well. Moderate resistance to blight and fairly high to scab.
ORGANIC COLLEEN2.5KG£4.60Good early boiler. Good disease resistance. Uniform oval tubers.
PENTLAND JAVELIN2.5KG£4.10Good flavour, early scraper. Fairly firm. Matures well. Fairly high resistance to scabmoderate for blight.
RED DUKE OF YORK2.5KG£4.20Deep red skin, wonderful flavour, best mashed, fried or roasted. Fairly high resistance to scab
ROCKET2.5KG£4.40Good flavoured, firm very early scraper. High yielding. Resistant to eelworm, moderate resistance to scab.
SHARPES EXPRESS2.5KG£4.20Fine flavour, general-purpose floury potato. Moderate resistance to scab.
SWIFT2.5KG£4.50Good flavour, early scraper. Very early and compact, ideal for pots. High resistance to scab and moderate resistance to blight and eelworm.
WINSTON2.5KG£4.50Good flavour, early scraper. Good show potato. The earliest baker. Resistant to eelworm and fairly high resistance to scab and blight.
BRITISH QUEEN2.5KG£4.40NEW! RHS Award winner. Delicious flavour floury texture. Ireland’s favourite summer potato.
CATRIONA2.5KG£4.40Excellent flavour, cooks well. White skin, blue eyes.
ESTIMA2.5KG£4.20Firm texture matures well for all uses. High yields. Fairly high resistance to scab and moderate for blight.
KESTREL2.5KG£4.40op flavour, medium firm matures well to be good general purpose. High resistance to Blight.
MARFONA2.5KG£4.40Waxy, firm summer baker. High yields, stores well. Moderate resistance to blight and scab.
MARIS PEER2.5KG£4.20Very firm. The best boiling potato Attractive plant with purple flowers. The ideal patio potato! Moderate resistance to blight and scab.
NADINE2.5KG£4.40Waxy, firm very high yielding. Resistant to Eelworm, high resistance to scab and moderate for blight.
WILJA2.5KG£4.40Very firm ideal for any purpose. High resistance to scab.
CARA2.5KG£4.40White skin with pink eyes. Mild flavour, good general purpose potato. Resistant to eelworm, high resistance to blight and fairly high for scab.
DESIREE2.5KG£4.20Red skin, firm texture and strong flavour. Good general purpose potato. Moderate resistance to blight and scab.
GOLDEN WONDER2.5KG£4.60Back by popular demand! Good for crisps! Floury but great flavour.
KING EDWARD2.5KG£4.20Moderately firm. Excellent flavour. “The Best” roaster. High resistance to scab.
MAJESTIC2.5KG£4.40Mild flavour, moderately firm. Most widely grown in UK. Robust and drought resistant. Moderate resistance to blight and scab.
MARIS PIPER2.5KG£4.20Excellent flavour, floury to boil. Great for chips! Resistant to eelworm and moderate resistance to blight.
MAYAN GOLD2.5KG£5.95Heritage variety with outstanding cooking qualities. Favoured by top chefs.
PENTLAND CROWN2.5KG£4.20Mild flavour, good texture. Huge yields, drought resistant. High resistance to scab and moderate to eelworm.
PICASSO2.5KG£4.40Mild flavour, firm texture, attractive tubers, white with pink “blush”eyes. Resistant to Scab and eelworm and moderate to blight.
PINK GYPSY2.5KG£4.50Unusual red and white skin. Good disease resistance. Early main crop.
SANTE2.5KG£4.40Mild flavour and good texture for variety of uses. Resistant to eelworm and high resistance to blight and scab.
SARPO AXONA2.5KG£5.50Outstanding blight resistance. Late main crop. Red skin, creamy flesh. Ideal for baking, roasting, chipping and mash. High yielding and vigourous grower with good weed-covering foliage.
SARPO MIRA - ORGANIC 2.5KG£5.50Good disease and Eeelworm resistance makes this the ideal variety for organic growers.
STEMSTER2.5KG£4.60Good all rounder with good blight resistance. Red Skinned.
CHARLOTTE2.5KG£4.40Second Early. Good hot or cold, whole or sliced. Excellent flavour, high yielding. Moderate to good resistance to blight and scab.
HARLEQUIN2.5KG£4.50NEW! Cross between Charlotte and Pink Fir Apple. Great flavour and texture. Oval tubers but not as nobbly as Pink Fir.
INTERNATIONAL KIDNEY2.5KG£4.20The “Jersey Royal”. Firm and waxy when young maturing to be slightly floury. Great hot or cold. Moderate resistance to scab.
NICOLA2.5KG£4.40Second early. Many small waxy tubers perfect for salads. Resistant to eelworm and blight.
PINK FIR APPLE2.5KG£4.95Main Crop. Very knobbly shape, cook whole in skins. Great flavour. Moderate to good resistance to scab.
PIPPA2.5KG£4.95An exciting variety bred from Pink Fir Apple. Good flavour, pink blush but less knobbly bits!
ALBERT BARTLETT ANYA2.0KG£5.50Salad Potato with all the flavour of Pink Fir with less nobbles! Firm and waxy, main crop.
ALBERT BARTLETT ISLE OF JURA2.0KG£5.50Main crop all rounder with good disease resistance, Boils well but bakes and roasts too.
ALBERT BARTLETT OSPRAY2.0KG£5.50Good all rounder- smooth texture really good for baking.
ALBERT BARTLETT ROOSTER2.0KG£5.50ritains favourite branded potato. Main crop total all rounder. Red skinned.
JAZZY2.0KG£5.50Second early salad but more versatile than most salad varieties. Small tubers bursting with flavour.

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